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Swags & Tails

Drama is an essential part of interior design. A house or room totally devoid of drama will remain flat, lacking interest. Some areas demand a treatment that is eye catching and assertive. In the classic style of theatre, the moment of peak excitement is when the curtains first majestically part to reveal the world on stage. Grand opera houses often capitalize on the sense of anticipation with elaborate deep red velvet curtains with masses of fabric draped and fringed with gold trimmings. Swags & Tails were used to add to this effect in a dramatic and stunning surround to add to depth to the shows they produced.

If you want to add magic to a room, then curtains are the way to do this. If you want to add Opulence then Swags & Tails do this in abundance. In Russia you will find that this dressing is the King of the castle.


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