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Pelmets are often a way to add a finishing to the top of the curtains. I once read that “a curtain is like a hat for an outfit at Ascot. If you don’t have a hat your outfit is unfinished” Well the hat to a curtain, is its Pelmet. These come in all wonderful shapes & sizes. We design these to match the height of a specific room. No room is always the same height and therefore no pelmet can be always the same height. Make a pelmet to shallow and you will end up with a dolls house effect. Make it to large and you can reduce the height of the room and the light that comes in.

We take great care to use our 25 years of knowledge to create pelmets that suit every room. We can even template a pelmet before we go into production & making the  pelmet. This allows the client to pick the desired height. This way they can see the design. Is it to small ?or to tall to their liking? Just in case they doubt our expertise which is never normally wrong.

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