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A curtain arrangement is often the most eye catching aspect of a room. So often when a window is dressed well it can transform a plain room into a spectacular room.  Curtains add warmth and luxury even when using soft plain fabric tones. In many modern buildings and apartments curtains were missed off windows for many years making a very plain and un-inspiring room.

Now curtains are coming back in fashion with beautiful designs transforming every room.  There are such a large and vast diversity of beautiful fabrics, from all over the world. Curtains London have become London’s top leading curtain maker of Made to Measure Curtains. We specilaise in Hand Made Curtains, Blinds and Bespoke curtains that treat even the ugliest windows and make them look amazing.

“All it takes is some imagination and design to transform your house into a beautiful Home”


Bespoke Voile Curtains from Curtains London

Voile curtains or sheers as they used to be called add a privacy to a room without cutting out any of the light. Infant the light from the window, bounces of the voile sheer curtain and creates a lovely white glow into the room. We use these a lot in London where privacy from flat to fall is important. We have a huge range of sheer voile samples. Why not get in contact to ask our samples dept to send some samples to you. Transfer your house into a home.

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    Luxury & Designer Curtains

    Curtains London. Luxury Curtains. This is where we have chosen some of our more opulent designs and created a luxury feel. Made To Measure Curtains. These dressings are often very lavish, Swags & Tails, Goblet Pleat & Funnel Pleat Curtains, Pole Wraps, Festoon, Austrians, London Blinds, all designs that are luxurious & opulent. Along with these designs we have a large range of luxury fabrics silks, velvets, brocades, damasks are to name a few.

    For some of our clients we extend the service to meeting with them and spending a morning or afternoon taking them around The Chelsea Design Centre in London. Here we have all our suppliers under one roof and we can really pin point fabrics for those very Luxurious homes that require that special touch. Again, another reason why here at curtainslondon.com we shine above the rest.


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    What can we say about our little angels ? When it’s a boy its either Football, Cowboys & Indians, Space Men, Buzz Light Year, Sponge Bob Square Pants, the list goes on and on and on. And when it’s a girl, well pink starts the ball rolling. We have fabrics with shoes on as we know even the Mums can't get enough of those! Diamonds and Jewels, Horses, Love Hearts, Flowers and so much more.

    At Curtains London we have a huge fantastic selection of children’s fabrics that fit a lot of the needs that our little ones will love.

    When your son or daughter go to sleep at night, transforming their world into a magical place can be so easily done by just a sprinkle of imagination and colour. Let them love the different themes that sets their minds off on a magical childhood that somehow we all remember the rooms we had as children, curtains can create that in a heartbeat.

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      Swags & Tails

      Drama is an essential part of interior design. A house or room totally devoid of drama will remain flat, lacking interest. Some areas demand a treatment that is eye catching and assertive. In the classic style of theatre, the moment of peak excitement is when the curtains first majestically part to reveal the world on stage. Grand opera houses often capitalize on the sense of anticipation with elaborate deep red velvet curtains with masses of fabric draped and fringed with gold trimmings. Swags & Tails were used to add to this effect in a dramatic and stunning surround to add to depth to the shows they produced.

      If you want to add magic to a room, then curtains are the way to do this. If you want to add Opulence then Swags & Tails do this in abundance. In Russia you will find that this dressing is the King of the castle.


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        Roman Blinds

        Roman Blinds add softness and style to windows where sometimes curtains are unsuitable. Some clients like to see the window with as little dressing as possible. This is where Roman blinds add a chic finish. Our designers like to recommend fabrics that have beautiful designs. This can be done by using a plain fabric or striking pattern and by creative design turn these fabrics into a piece of art.

        CRW_9637 2

        Roman blinds by Curtains London

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          These beautiful Curtains are an alternative to conventional pinch pleat Or Twin Pleat Curtains. The smooth a wave effect is formed by a cord hidden within the curtain rail, allowing the fabric to gather in delicate waves.  Wave curtains can become a real feature in any room, modernizing and giving a contemporary feel, with a large range of fabrics and colours. These curtains are stunning and we have made 100s of pairs over the years. Theres a secret in making wave & we have that secret calculation to perfection. So why not get in contact to find out more.

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            Curtain Makers London

            There are normally only a handful of pleats that really most curtain designer’s use. Each pleat has its own specific roll in the way a curtain will hang. Some are more beautiful than others. Some are more cost effective than others. Some work in some rooms where others may not. We will advise you of the pleats that we feel will work best in your individual room. Let's look at these by name. Pinch pleat, Twin Pleat, Pencil Pleat, Wave, Goblet, Eyelet, Cartridge, Tab tops. Slotted, Scalloped. Each one has its place in the correct setting.

            If you are unsure of what style will work best for your home, or for more information or advise please contact us.

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              Pelmets are often a way to add a finishing to the top of the curtains. I once read that “a curtain is like a hat for an outfit at Ascot. If you don’t have a hat your outfit is unfinished” Well the hat to a curtain, is its Pelmet. These come in all wonderful shapes & sizes. We design these to match the height of a specific room. No room is always the same height and therefore no pelmet can be always the same height. Make a pelmet to shallow and you will end up with a dolls house effect. Make it to large and you can reduce the height of the room and the light that comes in.

              We take great care to use our 25 years of knowledge to create pelmets that suit every room. We can even template a pelmet before we go into production & making the  pelmet. This allows the client to pick the desired height. This way they can see the design. Is it to small ?or to tall to their liking? Just in case they doubt our expertise which is never normally wrong.

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