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In today’s ever changing world of mobile technology more and more corporate companies are changing their office environment. Now the designers are making the office to be more and more like our homes. Here at Curtains London we have over the past few years been changing the face of the offices by adding in softness and shapes by the way of curtains.

At Ebay in London we added curtains to divide areas of the office but we added a twist. We changed the colours of the curtains to match with Ebay’s logo colours, reds, yellows and blue curtains were added with amazing results.

Vodafone we added sheer voile curtains to the meeting rooms leaving a light and open yet private feeling.

Hard Rock London :- There we created a deep and warm environment by the way of sumptuous velvet curtains, with stunning swags of red velvet to drape across the tops.

Simply said the addition of curtains to any office or work environment will change how employee’s & customers feel. So why not let us create and design your new working environment.


Drama is an essential part of interior design. A house or room totally devoid of drama will remain flat, lacking interest. Some areas demand a treatment that is eye catching and assertive. In the classic style of theatre the moment of peak excitement is when the curtains first majestically part to reveal the world on stage. Grand opera houses often capitalize on the sense of anticipation with elaborate deep red velvet curtains with masses of fabric draped and fringed with gold trimmings. Swags & Tails were used to add to this effect in a dramatic and stunning surround to add to depth to the shows they produced.

If you want to add magic to a room then fabric is a way to do this. If you want to add Va Va Voom then Swags of fabric do this in abundance. It screams opulence, and in Russia you will find that this dressing is the King of the castle. Were glad to see it making a comeback as never a dull room can be dressed by our Swags.

Swags is The King of the castle of the window dressings.

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    There are normally only a handful of pleats that really most curtain designer’s use. Each pleat has its own specific roll in the way a curtain will hang. Some are more beautiful than others. Some are more cost effective than others. Some work in some rooms where others may not. We will advise you of the pleats that we feel will work best in your individual room. Lets look at these by name. Pinch pleat, Twin Pleat, Pencil Pleat, Wave, Goblet, Eyelet, Cartridge, Tab tops. Slotted, Scalloped. Each one has its place in the correct setting.

    For more information or advise please contact us if you are unsure of what style will work best for your home.

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      These beautiful Curtains are an alternative to conventional pinch curtains; a smooth a wave effect is formed by a cord hidden within the curtain rail, allowing the fabric to gather in delicate waves.  Wave curtains can become a real feature in any room, modernizing and giving a contemporary feel with a large range of fabrics and colours these are sure to turn your room around.

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        Curtains London have a reputation now for dressing some of Londons top restaurants.

        Mandarin Orient Hotel, Babbo, Hard Rock, Ricker Restaurants, Casa Negra, Francos, Round House. To name a few. At winter we have created warmth were before there was a cold draught. In the summer we have helped shield the sun with our shading systems. We specialize in blinds with Logos so you can advertise your restaurant on the back or front of a blind. We create thick heavy curtains for doors & entrances helping add a classy entrance. Our experience & expertise is like a Michelin chef 1st class. Why not contact us to find out more.


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